How To Add Friends On Spades Plus Without Facebook

Spades Plus is a popular free online spades card game where you can play against friends or random opponents. Unlike many other mobile games, Spades Plus doesn’t require a Facebook account to play.

This gives you more privacy and control over who you play with. But it also means you need to manually add friends to play private games. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add friends on Spades Plus without Facebook.

Quick Answer:

To add friends on Spades Plus without Facebook, go to the Friends tab, tap the Add Friends button, enter your friend’s username or player ID number, and send them a friend request. Once they accept, you will be friends on Spades Plus and can invite each other to private games.

Finding Your Spades Plus Username and Player ID

Before sending or accepting friend requests, you need to know your Spades Plus username and player ID number.

Here’s how to find them:

  • Open Spades Plus and tap your profile icon in the top left corner
  • Your unique username is displayed at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down and you will see your Player ID number

Make a note of these as you will need them to add friends. Share them with anyone you want to become Spades Plus friends with.

Adding Friends by Username

The easiest way to add friends is by searching for their Spades Plus username.

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Follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Friends tab on the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap the Add Friends button with the plus (+) icon
  3. Enter your friend’s Spades Plus username in the search bar
  4. Tap Search to look up the username
  5. If found, tap Send Friend Request
  6. A request will be sent which they must accept before you are friends

Once your friend accepts the request, they will appear in your Friends list and you can invite them to private games.

Troubleshooting Username Search

If you can’t find a user by their username, make sure you have the correct spelling. Usernames are case-sensitive so enter it exactly as they have set it up.

If you still can’t find them, it likely means they haven’t registered their username yet. In that case, you will need to add them using their Player ID instead.

Adding Friends by Player ID

Every Spades Plus player is assigned a unique 8-digit Player ID number. This is located on their profile screen.

To add friends using a player ID:

  1. Tap Add Friends on the Friends tab
  2. Tap Add by Player ID
  3. Enter your friend’s 8-digit player ID number
  4. Tap Send Friend Request
  5. Once they accept, you will see them in your Friends list

Adding by player ID is the most reliable way to find anyone on Spades Plus even if they haven’t set a username.

Finding Someone’s Player ID

To find your friend’s player ID, ask them to open Spades Plus, go to their profile, and send you the 8-digit number shown.

You can then use this to send them a friend request. They will also need your player ID to add you back.

Accepting and Managing Friend Requests

When someone sends you a friend request in Spades Plus, you will receive a notification. To accept it:

  • Open Spades Plus
  • Tap the Friends tab
  • Tap Pending under Friend Requests
  • Tap Accept next to your friend’s name or profile image

To delete or decline a request instead, tap the cross or Reject button.

You can also manage your friends list here. Tap a friend’s name to visit their profile or remove them from your list.

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Block players who you don’t want to receive requests from again. This will also remove them from your Friends list if already added.

Creating and Joining Private Games

Once you are friends with someone on Spades Plus, you can invite them to password-protected private games.

To create a private game:

  • Tap Play on the main menu
  • Select Private
  • Set a password and other options
  • Tap Invite and select friends to invite

Friends will see your invite notification and can join the private table using the password you set. This lets you play spades together in a private session.

So even without Facebook, that is how you can add friends and play exclusive spades games on Spades Plus. Follow the steps to find usernames, share player IDs, send requests, and start private tables.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Spades Plus Friends Without Facebook

Here are some common questions about making friends on Spades Plus without a Facebook account:

How Many Friends Can You Have on Spades Plus?

There is no friend limit on Spades Plus. You can add as many other users as you want to your friends list and invite them to private games.

Can You Invite Random Players to Private Games?

No, only friends added on Spades Plus can join private game sessions using your invite and password. This keeps the games exclusive to your chosen group.

Does Spades Plus Have Chat Rooms?

No, Spades Plus does not have global public chat rooms. You can only chat with opponents during games. Private messaging friends is not a feature.

How Do You Play With Strangers on Spades Plus?

To play with random opponents, simply start a Public game instead of a Private one. This will match you with other players looking for games at that time. You don’t need to be friends.

Can You See Who is Online on Spades Plus?

No, there is no online indicator on Spades Plus. The only way to invite friends to play is by sending direct invites to Private games.

How Do You Remove Inactive Friends on Spades Plus?

Tap the friend you want to remove in your Friends list, then tap Remove Friend. Inactive friends will show up as “Offline” in your list.

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Can You Become Friends Without Sending a Request?

No, one player has to send the initial friend request. Both players must manually accept requests before they are added as in-game friends.

So in summary, Spades Plus offers a way to build your friends list and enjoy private games without needing Facebook integration. Simply exchange usernames and player IDs, send and accept requests, and start exclusive table sessions.

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