How To Delete Your Temu Account [6 Steps]

Temu exploded onto the e-commerce scene in 2022 as a budget-friendly online marketplace offering rock-bottom prices on Chinese goods. While the app delights bargain hunters, some users have had negative experiences with long ship times or poor customer service. If you want to delete your Temu account, this guide will walk you through the quick and easy process.

Why Delete Your Temu Account?

There are a few common reasons Temu users opt to delete their accounts:

  • Unsatisfying shopping experience – Long ship times, damaged items, poor return policies, and lack of seller communication have turned off some shoppers.
  • Privacy and security concerns – Users may wish to cut ties after data breaches exposed personal information.
  • Changing shopping needs – Shoppers who no longer want to wait weeks or months for Chinese goods may look for faster domestic shipping.
  • Account cleanup – Some users prefer to delete old, unused accounts to maintain their online privacy.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Deleting your Temu account is quick and straightforward:

1. Open the Temu App

Launch the Temu app on your iOS or Android device. You must delete accounts directly within the app.

2. Tap the Profile Icon

Tap the profile icon, typically your initials or avatar photo, located at the bottom right of the screen.

how to delete temu account

3. Choose Settings

From the profile menu, select the gear icon to access your account settings.

4. Select Account Security:

At the top, you will see an option for “Account Security” Tap on that

Selecte Account Security

5. Select Delete Account

Scroll down and tap “Delete Account” – the last option in settings.

Select Delete Account

6. Confirm Account Deletion

Read the warning message and tap “Confirm” to permanently erase your Temu account.

Once confirmed, your account will be deleted immediately. You’ll be logged out of the app.

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What Happens When You Delete Your Temu Account?

Deleting your account severs ties completely:

  • Your profile, order history, saved items, and all other data is erased.
  • You won’t be able to log back in with your old credentials.
  • Any pending orders will be cancelled automatically.
  • You won’t have access to old order records or receipts. Download these if needed.
  • Unused wallet funds are forfeited. Spend any remaining balance first.
  • Your email and payment details are removed from Temu’s systems.

Essentially, it will be as if you never had a Temu account. The process is permanent and irreversible.

Ready for a Fresh Start?

If Temu is no longer meeting your shopping needs, deleting your account is fast and hassle-free. Just open the app, go to account settings, and confirm your choice.

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