How to Play Apple Music on Alexa Without Speaking [Full Guide]

Playing Apple Music tracks on an Alexa device like an Amazon Echo can be accomplished in just a few steps. The key is to link your Apple Music account with a supported music service that Alexa can control. This allows you to use the Alexa app or an Echo device to start Apple Music playback hands-free.

Quick Answer:

Here are quick answers for how to play Apple Music on Alexa without speaking:

  • Link your Apple Music account with Amazon Music, Spotify, or Pandora. This bridges the two services together.
  • In the Alexa app, set the linked service like Amazon Music or Spotify as your default music service.
  • Alexa can now access your Apple Music library through the linked service.
  • Request songs, playlists, or stations from your Apple Music by asking Alexa – no need to manually start playback.
  • Use the Alexa app to start music playback hands-free without speaking.
  • Create Alexa routines to automatically start playing Apple Music tracks hands-free.
  • Make sure your Alexa voice profile is set up properly to pull songs tailored to your Apple Music tastes.
  • Manage your Apple Music playlists and library through the Alexa app if needed.
  • Apple Music features like playlists, songs, albums, and artist catalogs should work. Some features like videos may not.
  • Alexa can play Apple Music songs not available on the linked service as long as accounts are connected.
  • Both Alexa devices and the Apple Music library need an internet connection to stream music.
  • You can still use voice commands if desired along with hands-free options.

Steps to Play Apple Music on Alexa Without Speaking

Follow these simple steps to get Apple Music songs streaming on your Alexa devices without needing to use voice commands:

Step 1: Link Apple Music to a Supported Service

Alexa currently does not support direct integration with Apple Music. However, services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora allow you to link your Apple Music account. This bridges the two services together.

Some options include:

  • Amazon Music: In the Amazon Music app, go to Settings > Link New Service and select Apple Music. Log in to link accounts.
  • Spotify: On a mobile device, go to Settings > Tap Connect Apple Music and log in. On the desktop, go to Settings > Connect Apps > Connect Apple Music.
  • Pandora: Open the Pandora app > Tap Settings > Add Apple Music and log in to connect.

Step 2: Set Your Default Music Service

In the Alexa app, go to Settings > Music & Media > Link New Service and select the service you connected Apple Music to. Make sure this service is set as your default.

This allows Alexa to access your Apple Music library through this linked service. Alexa will prioritize playing songs from the default service.

Step 3: Play Apple Music by Asking Alexa

Now you can say things like “Alexa, play my library” or request specific songs and artists from your Apple Music account without needing to manually start playback in an app. Alexa will automatically pull from the linked service.

Some examples of voice commands you can now use include:

  • “Alexa, play my favorites playlist”
  • “Alexa, play songs by Taylor Swift”
  • “Alexa, play pop music”

This allows hands-free control of your Apple Music library using any Alexa-enabled device like an Echo speaker.

Tips for Using Apple Music on Alexa Without Speaking

Here are some additional tips for accessing your Apple Music tracks hands-free after linking accounts:

  • Use the Alexa app – Start music playback from the Devices tab without needing to speak.
  • Set a default playlist – Have Alexa start playing your top Apple Music playlist or station when no song is specified.
  • Create Alexa routines – Set up an Alexa routine like “Good morning” to start playing Apple Music automatically when triggered.
  • Use Alexa voice profiles – Ensure your voice profile is recognized so Alexa pulls songs tailored to your Apple Music account.
  • Manage playlists – Use the Alexa app to view, edit, and rearrange your Apple Music playlists if needed.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting Apple Music working on Alexa devices without using your voice:

What Apple Music features work on Alexa?

You can access your full Apple Music library including playlists, stations, albums, songs, and artist catalogs. However, some features like music videos may not be supported.

Can I request songs by voice that are only in my Apple Music?

Yes, as long as your accounts are properly linked, Alexa will find and play tracks from your Apple Music library even if not available on the linked service like Amazon Music.

What happens if I disable the linked service?

If you unlink or disable the connected service like Spotify, Alexa will no longer be able to access your Apple Music account until you re-enable it.

Do I need an active internet connection?

Yes, both your Alexa device and the phone/computer hosting your Apple Music library will need to remain connected to the internet to stream music.

Can I still use Alexa’s voice commands?

Absolutely! Linking Apple Music just gives you the option to start music hands-free when desired. You can continue to use your voice as normal.


Connecting your Apple Music account to a supported streaming service is a simple process that allows full hands-free control of your Apple Music library on Alexa-enabled devices. Just link accounts, set your default music service and start requesting songs without ever needing to raise your voice.

So go ahead and get your accounts linked today to enjoy seamless access to all your Apple Music favorites on your Alexa speakers and displays. Let the music you love fill your home, hassle-free.

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